IFCN Európai Chapter új elnöke

Tisztelt Kollégák!

Mellékeljük, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Cole levelét, amelyben bejelenti, hogy az IFCN Európai Chapter új elnöke Prof. Dr. Hatice Tankisi. A Magyar Társaság nevében Kamondi Anita professzor asszony gratulált.

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce that Professor Hatice Tankisi has been elected the next President of the EMEA Chapter of the IFCN, to serve a four year term.
For a single candidate confirmatory election there was a huge turnout and the vote was unanimous in her favour.
Now that process is over, I can say how delighted I am and offer my congratulations to Professor Tankisi. She will, I am sure, do an outstanding job. It is great news for our Chapter.

With best wishes,